Our Mission

T.R.Y. Trauma Recovery Yoga’s mission is to “help people, help people”.  We know that the more people we educate about healing trauma, the more people they will help heal.  Trauma is a global health epidemic.  Too often misdiagnosed as mental illness or addiction, and seldom recognized as the source of most health issues, violent acts and self-destructive behaviors (the victim becomes the predator).  

Traveling the globe to bring T.R.Y. workshops and classes to more people in more places through our direct training offered to anyone working to heal from trauma or those caring for someone affected by trauma or living in crisis. Offering trainings in as many communities as possible and keeping those trained, communicating with each other well informed on the latest techniques, research and improvements to the T.R.Y. method, forming an effective organizized TRYb of healers around the globe facilitating classes in the T.R.Y. method of yoga science and connecting them with the communities and spaces where they are most needed. To raise the I.Q. of emotional intelligence globally inspiring compassion with ripples of healing pain, disease, suffering, isolation and violence. Calling into action, acceptance and empathy, social justice and shared experience without fear of judgment or shame, empowering others while inspiring a more inclusive society.

This science-based somatic method is one of a kind in many ways. Containing much more than yoga postures, it integrates many carefully thought out, researched and proven techniques in a very specific yoga sequence that inspires a feeling of safety and connection. The method is easily adapted to be accessible to all levels young and old, including chair or bed bound individuals.

The method is comprised of techniques that with regular practice will help those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, shallow breath, social anxiety, hypervigilance, involuntary thoughts, flashbacks and other effects of trauma being held in the body. These techniques are delivered in a yoga flow, that helps to rebalance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system bringing about an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Each posture has been carefully selected and many common postures have been banned from this method as they have been found to be too vulnerable or triggering to be effective for trauma. The instructor always begins with a very clear explanation of what to expect. Predictability is key to helping those who have found the world to be unpredictable. Our instructor practices with the class and has very specific training on what words to use and not to use, whether to use music, how to set up the space, and what touch is appropriate for these vulnerable populations.

The teacher guides as he/she teaches using constant and deliberate verbal cues, we have named “micro-ques” keeping the attention of the student away from the mind chatter that plagues the mind post trauma. These cues not only guide the body but the mind and spirit of the students. Calling the attention to self-regulation instruction, breath, gaze point, visualizations, and affirmations. Our mission is not to avoid all triggers, that would be impossible, but to lower the risk of triggers and to help people find a resource for safety when they are triggered. If they can do this on the mat, they can do this in the world. The method concludes with a very comfortable guided meditation, with permission to sit up, lay down, eyes open or closed, no matter, the matter is to feel safe and embrace this body scan method intended to reconnect the disassociated body to the mind and spirit of the student.

Ready to Join the Mission?

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T.R.Y. Trauma Recovery Yoga is a socially conscious nonprofit organization changing the world by facilitating self-compassion and global healing through training individuals in the TRY method of yoga science.

Trauma Recovery Yoga · Las Vegas, Nevada · traumarecoveryyoga@gmail.com · 702-727-7182

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