Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about training
Do I have to be a certified yoga teacher to attend the T.R.Y. 20 hour workshop?

No! We invite all members of the community to attend our workshop if they might benefit from it. We’ve had yoga teachers, school teachers, therapists, counselors, people who have experienced trauma directly, and so many more.

When is the next T.R.Y. 20 hour training?

Please visit workshop information page for information on upcoming events.

What will I learn in the T.R.Y. 20 hour training?

You will learn a multitude of topics in the 20-hour training, from science-based studies, trauma theory, and tools for self-regulation. For a detailed description of the training, please visit Our Training page. If you have further questions, feel free to Contact us.

Do you hire teachers after the T.R.Y. 20 hour training?

We are always looking for passionate people to join our mission. There is a shortage of yoga teachers with skills in this area. We offer opportunities with an independent contractors agreement and reasonable compensation for these positions. For more information, or to be added to our Private Instructors listing, please Contact us.

How can I bring your T.R.Y. 20 workshop to my city?

Visit our Training page for more information on bringing a T.R.Y. workshop to your city.

Questions about classes
How much do 1 hour T.R.Y. classes cost?

Costs vary by program depending on where the class is being held. Please visit our Find a Class page for information on our current class offerings and their prices.

Do you offer private T.R.Y. classes?

Yes! Please visit our Private Instructors page for a list of our certified private instructors.

What can I expect in a T.R.Y. 1 hour yoga class?

The T.R.Y. method exists to lower the risk of triggers for those who have experienced trauma and to help reconnect the disassociated body to the mind and spirit of the student. There is no music, no adjustments, and every instruction is merely an invitation. Please visit Our Mission page for more details on the ‘why’ behind our method and what to expect in class.

Is a T.R.Y. class right for me?

T.R.Y. can work for anyone! The method is easily adapted to be accessible to all levels young and old, including chair or bed bound individuals. Every instruction is an invitation, no poses are required. If it pleases you, you may lie down on your mat and breathe through the entire practice. We aim to create a space for the attendees to heal in the way that they need. See Our Mission for more information.

Can I purchase a T.R.Y. training or class for a friend?

Yes, simply register under their name and then fill out our Contact form and ask for a printable or emailable gift certificate. If the recipient is not able to make it on the date you picked, they can reschedule.

How do I hire T.R.Y. teachers to come teach classes at my organization?

Please visit our Bring T.R.Y. to Your Organization page for more information.

Have More Questions?

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T.R.Y. Trauma Recovery Yoga is a socially conscious nonprofit organization changing the world by facilitating self-compassion and global healing through training individuals in the TRY method of yoga science.

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