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Deanna Patrick
deanna Patrick

This was really a wonderful and very informative Workshop. I truly appreciated the beautiful way Joyce connects on such a heart level with her audience! Joyce gently reminds us of our own healing and continuous work we need to do with ourselves, as we remain open to be of service to others. After attending this Workshop I feel I have some really solid tools to use moving forward with trauma and Recovery. Thank you so much Joyce and Darwin you both are truly a gift.

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Stefanie Fernandez
Future Healing Sharer

Joyce and Darwin are bringing positive healing to the world!! Such a great training class! I enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait to share their mission/goals with the world!! Keep up the great work and positivity!!

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Kimberly Parrish
Yoga & Pilates Teacher

TRY training is an amazing program. It provides a deep understanding of individual trauma experiences and how they manifest and more importantly how yoga can assist with healing.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the 20hr TRY training. The info was useful and did a great job of balancing Eastern and Western medical philosophies and practices.

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Noy Thongkham
CIS Site Coordinator

Truly empowering and moving experience! Thank you!

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Yoga Instructor

I feel very lucky to have been a part of the very first TRY teacher training. I've been able to watch this community grow and respond to our larger Las Vegas community in a very impactful way. The principles behind the TRY method changed the way I practice yoga and the way I teach yoga.The dialogue and energy based method helps facilitate a better connection to myself, to my students and to the present moment. This yoga is accessible to everyone.

T.R.Y. Trauma Recovery Yoga is a socially conscious nonprofit organization changing the world by facilitating self-compassion and global healing through training individuals in the TRY method of yoga science.

Trauma Recovery Yoga · Las Vegas, Nevada · traumarecoveryyoga@gmail.com · 702-727-7182

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