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The T.R.Y. method provides an all levels “do no harm” science-based yoga practice which emphasizes four key themes including experiencing the present moment (presence), exercising choice (empowerment), taking effective action (resilience), and creating internal rhythms and positive affirmations (mindfulness). The T.R.Y. method emphasizes an individuals choice to experience yoga at their pace to their comfort level (even if that means sitting still and breathing with the group and nothing more).

TRY does our best to work on a sliding scale and provide what we can within an organization or individuals budget. That is to say, we work backward, you tell us what your budget is for a program like ours and what you are hoping to receive, and we tell you, who what where and when we can service your needs.

Here are the basics of what a TRY agreement could include:

  • Teachers are trained and experienced in working with sensitive population post trauma or living in crisis.
  • All of our teachers have a minimum of 200RYT and 20TRY certifications
  • Teachers are all vetted with background checks, independent contractors agreement, and liability insurance.
  • Teachers are trained in a strict protocol for working with vulnerable populations.
  • Classes are all levels, we deliver yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self-regulation to groups that range from bedridden to fully active.
  • Classes can be customized for time and needs. 30 minute, 45 minute, or 1-hour yoga classes and 15-minute mindfulness and self-regulation can be offered in chairs or on mats simultaneously.
  • TRY manages scheduling, changes to schedules, teacher assignments, quality control, attendance number tracking, substitutes, and handles payroll
  • TRY provides yoga mats and other materials if needed and approved.
  • Trauma Recovery Yoga is a science-based somatic therapy with no verbiage or practices that could be construed as religious. We speak science, not Sanskrit, refrain from the use of candles, incense, chanting, or speaking of chakras etc.

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T.R.Y. Trauma Recovery Yoga is a socially conscious nonprofit organization changing the world by facilitating self-compassion and global healing through training individuals in the TRY method of yoga science.

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