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Feb 16, 2017 | Blog

These are two of the primary wishes for and of someone who struggles with the lingering effects of trauma. Everyone reading this understands and can relate to moments of startle yet most people can “shake it off” shortly after the startle. Conversely, individuals who suffer from the lingering effects of trauma, are involuntarily held captive to those startle reflexes by their internal functions (nervous, endocrine, and autonomic systems); to put it differently, their bodies are triggered back to the feelings during their past trauma and their body reacts based on the past, yet since the present doesn’t relate they can’t understand why they are reacting, they just are!

One of the greatest challenges in providing yoga is helping and guiding our students to be present and experience their body through their practice and breath. Without being prepared with a full understanding of trauma and its effects we as instructors run the risk of, not only hindering these individuals but quite possibly triggering them to yoga-aversion and further disconnect with their body. Trauma Recovery Yoga will prepare you to work with populations in crisis who have experienced trauma. We will identify the obstacles and rewards of teaching yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques to these vulnerable population and you will acquire new tools that will help you, help yourself and others heal their past.

The need is great the opportunities are vast, and the compensation is generous. If you are drawn to share the benefits of yoga with individuals who have experienced trauma or live in crisis then please join our team!

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